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Prime Meats offers quality meat products for foodservice, restaurants and retail.

Masters of quality

Our products come from packers that select the best cattle in the US.

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Superior tenderness and rich flavor that will keep your customers coming back

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We have meat for the main needs of any establishment, learn about our products here:

Prime Meats. Beef


Tenderloin, top sirloin, shortloins, lip-on ribeye, chuck roll, skirt meats, rounds & knuckle, grounds & cooked, ribs, briskets, hamburger patties and more!

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Prime Meats. Beef
Prime Meats. Pork


We bring exciting new innovations to market like Wet Aged Pork Porterhouse Chops and Rib Chops. We specify that each qualifying loin or rack needs to be wet aged a minimum of 14 days to elevate a unique flavor beyond comparison.

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Prime Meats. Pork
Prime Meats. Poultry


Prime Meats Premium Poultry has the finest selections from traditional to all-natural to organic. We offer the greatest variety of the highest quality chicken, turkey and specialty game birds

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Prime Meats. Poultry
Prime Meats. Lamb


We carefully choose and import the finest quality lamb from New Zealand and Australia. All lamb procured comes from HACCP controlled plants that meet internationally recognized ISO 9002 standards.

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Prime Meats. Lamb
Prime Meats. Seafood


We deliver over 3 million pounds of seafood annually through facilities inspected and approved by the USDA under a strict HACCP program

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Prime Meats. Seafood
Prime Meats. Specialties


Specialty cuts with superior quality.

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Prime Meats. Specialties
Prime Meats. Deli & Dairies

Deli & Dairies

Our passion for premium meat is extended to the finest quality Deli items available today. Years of culinary experience allow new developments in Pastrami, Prosciutto, Meatballs, Salami, Ham, Roast Beef, Sausages, Aged Cheeses and Smoked Meats.

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Prime Meats. Deli & Dairies

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Prime Meats.
Prime Meats.


At Prime Meats we offer the best selected cattle for our clients, and we have different programs.

Prime Meats. USDA Prime

USDA Prime

Prime Meats. Prime Meats Platinum

Prime Meats Platinum

Prime Meats. USDA Choice

USDA Choice

Prime Meats. USDA Select

USDA Select

Prime Meats. USDA Angus

USDA Angus

Prime Meats. Safe Quality Foods

Safe Quality Foods

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Our partners

Prime Meats is proud to work with these companies:

Prime Meats. Beef Checkoff
Prime Meats. Cargill
Prime Meats. FUD
Prime Meats. Greater Omaha
Prime Meats. IBP
Prime Meats. JBS
Prime Meats. Koch Foods
Prime Meats. National Beef
Prime Meats. Springer Mountain Farms
Prime Meats. Wayne Farms

Our brands

We are Prime Meats

Our advanced operations delivers each year, millions of pounds of beef, pork, poultry, seafood, and specialty products from our facilities in Atlanta, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Nashville, Virginia and all the East Coast of the US.

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