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Prime Meats. Pork


Prime Meats. Boston Butts

Boston Butts

  • Bone in Thin & Thick Slices
  • Boneless (Slices, Cubes, Dices)
Prime Meats. Loins & Ribs

Loins & Ribs

  • Loin whole 14/17
  • Loin whole boneless
  • Tenderloin
  • Ribs 2dn ( St. Louis style)
  • Ribs 3-5 dn whole rack fresh
  • Ribs 3-5 dn whole rack frozen
  • Smoked loin center cut
  • Ribs, diced 1 1/2″
Prime Meats. Chops


  • Chops 4oz , 6oz, B/L 6oz
  • Chops C/C 12oz Db Bone French Cut
  • Chops C/C 12 Oz Enhanced
  • Loin Chops C/C 8oz
  • Rack Chops 6-14oz French Cut
  • Picnic B/I, B/L
Prime Meats. Variety Pork Meats

Variety Pork Meats

  • Feet (Regular, Cut)
  • Tail
  • Neck Bone
  • Tongue, Jowl, Ears
  • Bacon Sliced
  • Offals:
    • Kidneys, Liver, Stomach
    • Ground & Trim Extra Lean 80/20
Prime Meats. Whole Pork

Whole Pork

  • Whole head On (100-130 lbs) Fresh
  • Whole h/L Fresh
  • Small Pig (20-60 lbs) Frozen
Prime Meats. Bellies, Fat & Skins

Bellies, Fat & Skins

  • Cushion meat
  • Bellies fresh 8/10
  • Bellies fat skins
  • Fat / Lard

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